Today’s Personal Goals To Sell More On The Poshmark App!

So today I have some personal goals I will like to reach by the end of today. I currently have 39,564 followers on Poshmark. 5,586 self-shares which is pathetic (I normally range between 15,000-20,000) my closet is much smaller now, I think I have a total of 35 items for sale currently. I normally carry over 200pcs, which equals more self-shares when you are rotating your closet around. So I need to share my closet a whole lot more to reach my normal numbers.  Also my shares for others is 97,000, which is okay given my account is only 9 months old, so there is definitely room for improvement.

So today’s goal:

  • 10,000 self-shares (i’m not sure if that number will change by tomorrow because it’s a monthly average, but we’ll see).
  • 100,000 shares (which is 3000 shares today)

FullSizeRender (15)

Followers Self-Shares Shares
Today 39,564 5,586 97,000
11/19/2014 0 0 0
11/20/2014 0 0 0
11/21/2014 0 0 0

My actual graph I created on word, so I can look at my numbers for the next few days.


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