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I will like to start by saying “yay” I reached my goal of 40,000 followers and 100,000 shares. I was up late last night poshing, which consist of sharing for others, following and sharing my closet. However my self-shares dropped by 256. But I am not too concern considering I reached 2 of 3 of my personal goals. I think for now i will continue to share and follow; but my main focus is to continuously increase my amount of followers and improve upon my self-shares. Keep in mind, I still have a personal goal of 10,000 self-shares; the quicker I hit this number the better.

Personal Goals for today:

  • Continue to work on getting more followers
  • Share my closet a lot more (seriously like sharing around the clock) curious about the outcome of this
  • Sharing for others (mainly returning shares and sharing tonight’s host picks)

FullSizeRender (16)

Such a crappy photo (sorry)

Followers Self-Shares Shares
Today 39,564 5,586 97,000
11/20/2014 40,161 5,330 100,000
11/22/2014 0 0 0
11/23/2014 0 0 0

There was an error in the last data I posted. I mixed the dates around. So small improvement, I need to work on self-shares. Imagine if I was to share my closet (3,000) per day. That will be 90,000 per month. It’s worth a shot, will start working on this short-term (monthly goal) now. For the record I just moved and went to Poshfest, so my closet was inactive for like a month. Which is the number one reason why my self-shares are so low. Until next time, Peace!



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